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When the kidney or both kidneys malfunction, it could lead to a number of health complications, as the waste and toxins may not be able to g...

7 Silent Signs Of Kidney Infection You Should Never Ignore!

When the kidney or both kidneys malfunction, it could lead to a number of health complications, as the waste and toxins may not be able to get out of your body effectively. Many a time, due to bacteria getting into the kidney, through the urinary tract, the kidneys can get infected and the signs may not be very apparent. Not getting kidney infection treated could cause kidney stones and even kidney failure.

So, here are some of the silent signs of kidney infection you must never ignore.

1. Urge To Urinate Often
If you have been having an urge to urinate very frequently, even though your liquid intake has not increased more than usual, or you are not pregnant or suffering from diabetes, then it could be a silent sign of kidney infection. When the tissues of the kidney are affected by bacterial infection, they get inflamed and irritated, stimulating the bladder more, thus increasing the urge to pee often.

2. Foul-smelling Urine
Yet another silent sign of kidney infection is that the urine starts to smell foul or has a putrid odour. This odour will be very different from the normal odour of urine. This is because when the kidneys are infected, pus cells will be produced in them. The pus cells are flushed out through the urine and they give the urine this foul smell.

3. Pain During Urination
Many a time, when people, especially women, experience pain or a burning sensation during urination, they mistake it to be a symptom of a urinary tract infection and ignore it, as it is not very serious. However, it could also be a symptom of the kidney infection, especially, if it is coupled with a few other symptoms mention in this list. It happens, as the infection of the kidneys can inflame the urethra and bladder also, causing pain while urinating.

4. Difficulty In Starting Urine Flow
If you notice that even when you have the urge to urinate when you start to go, you may not be able to start the urine flow and may feel like nothing is coming out! This could also be because of the kidney infection, especially if it is coupled with pain, as the inflammation in the kidneys could be blocking the urine from passing out of the body with ease.

5. Back Pain
We know that the kidneys are located in the back region, on either side of the spine. So, naturally, when the kidneys are inflamed and infected, they could lead to back pain. This back pain is usually blunt and mild initially, so people tend to ignore it. However, persistent back pain can indicate kidney infection and must be checked.

6. Blood In Urine
Noticing blood while urinating, especially if it is coupled with pain and foul smell can surely indicate the kidney infection, although this sign may occur only in the later stages. The inflammation and infection can lead to bleeding in the kidneys, which gets mixed with the urine and is seen when it passes out of the body.

7. Flu
This is yet another silent sign of kidney infection which must not be ignored or mistaken for the regular flu. The flu occurs when any part of the body is infected, as the immune system will be fighting against the infection, causing flu symptoms. So, if you are experiencing flu, especially if it is coupled with one or more symptoms mention before, you must immediately get checked for the kidney infection.

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