Twitter which officially Introduces Lite version of its App, years back. The Twitter Lite app which was limited with cellular connections (or those interested in a lighter or data-saving experience). The app – Twitter Lite has now been updated to v2.0 and in this update, there are a good number of crucial features such as “push notifications”, “Night mode” and some other important stuff.


The latest update includes support for:
  • Push notifications
  • Data saver
  • Night mode
  • Bookmarks
  • Save images
The push notifications is the most important bit of this update — it’s also amusing that the Twitter Progressive Web App had this before the Lite version. With this being targeted at markets with 2G/3G connections.

As well As the Night mode and bookmarks are now available, as well as the option to save images. As a regular and heavy Twitter user, I tend to take these features for granted. If the Playstore is’nt pushing out the new update to your phone then you can quickly download it via APK Mirror.