Would you want to keep your files online?

Let's face it - the idea of storing data online is not something new. The concept of online data storage stems back to the early ages of local area networking, when people in lab coats discovered the novel ways of sharing information across different devices. Computers were simple machines back then, compared to the goliaths of technological media we have today. Nonetheless, the idea of having an alternate online data storage space, other than your desktop or laptop computer comes off as a breath of fresh air for many.

There are many places online where you can keep information nowadays - your email inbox, torrent sites, photo sharing hubs, directories, and many other great online applications that make the World Wide Web more intelligent every minute. With the amount of information people put online today across different website applications, there's no doubt society may already have the best solutions for the world's worst problems.

However, there are some limitations to the capacities of these online applications in keeping information. For example, free email services like Gmail or Yahoo are certainly capable of online file storage, yet they shun away from those programs or files that are executable or those files larger than 10MB. While Torrent sites are entirely open to the public for online data storage, they may put some heavy strain on the shoulders of seeders or people who may already have a copy of the completed file recently uploaded, as a source for other people to copy from. Plus, torrent sites may not offer a more private touch that some people are seeking from a quality and secure online file storage system. Photo or Movie sharing sites on the other hand are promising, but they are entirely limited to images and movies, and may not be the "complete" online file storage service some people are looking for.

The solution is rather simple and some people thought of the "right" online file storage system that will appeal to everyone - DropBox is the name of the new game in online file storage. It offers a free and secure online file storage system, which can be used for both individual and organizational purposes. DropBox allows for various types of files - movies, photos, programs and documents to be stored in a single DropBox account. The best thing yet is that the service or DropBox is accessible from any computer, as long as connected to the internet. Plus you are given the ability to share the files to the public or just to your closest friends or colleagues.