Difference between web hosting and file hosting

While surfing the Internet in a quest to find storage space for home video or favorite music, users often confuse file hosting with web hosting. But there's a certain difference between the two. Firstly, web hosting enables you to place your website on the Internet. And file hosting offers storage space, where you may store whatever you want - including movies, music, work documents and other pertinent files. I guess that elucidates any confusion regarding the two separate concepts. Furthermore, file hosting is what we are concerned with here.

Why do you need file hosting?

The need for file hosting may arise if you wish to share files with friends and family, and your files are often large in size. Making floppies and burning CDs is neither economical nor it is an easy chore. Carrying physical media can be quite cumbersome at times. File sharing via email is not secure, and moreover, email cannot be used for large file transfers. In such a scenario, the best option available is file hosting and sharing. Unequivocally, there are 4 common types of files - video, images, music and data. If you desire a file hosting and sharing server, you may use the following keywords while you carry out a search on Google (arguably the best search engine) - "share files with friends and family".

How to go about it?

The online file sharing server would typically allow you to choose a file from your computer's local hard drive. The file types allowed for upload are specified by the sharing system. File sharing websites may place restrictions on the upload file size. But these restrictions can always be lifted by purchasing a higher plan. In general, such websites provide a demo account where you could easily get a feel as to how the system works. For instance, http://www.sharingarena.com offers a demo account that allows you to upload files up to 500 MB. However, you may acquire a "premium account", which boasts of an overwhelming 20 GB online storage space - that would certainly be enough for all your favorite music, videos and data files. By opening an account, you have access to a personal file manager. Using this personal file manager, you can download files at your leisure, and also share files with friends and family by simply distributing the download links.