Some of the best looking and high quality flat file cabinets available on the market today are made of oak. Oak flat file storage cabinets are skillfully crafted with solid fine oak. There are usually around five drawers in this type of file cabinet and they are quite heavy, due to being made of solid oak. The average weight of an averaged sized oak flat files storage cabinet is around 135 pounds. They are usually around 18 inches tall, 46 inches long and 36 inches wide on average.

If you are in the market for a great file storage cabinet, an oak cabinet offers you a lifetime of beauty for holding all of your important papers, whether it be for the home or for the office.

A great place to find a quality cabinet of this type is at an office supply store, an office furniture store or online. eBay is always a great place to look and you could even pick up a used one for a pretty decent discount.

The average price for an oak flat file storage cabinet is around $1500. That may seem expensive, but consider what you are getting. These oak cabinets are made with the best materials possible. The drawer slides are made of a high quality solid wood and the drawer fronts are usually fitted with solid brass drawer pulls. There is nothing cheap about these cabinets. These oak cabinets look great no matter where you use them, as they blend into the decor of virtually every room with their classic great looks.

By doing a search on the internet, you can find various sellers of oak flat file storage cabinets. Some feature five drawers and larger models can have ten or more drawers. Another idea is to check with your local office furniture store and ask if they have liquidation sales. This type of sale is very common among retailers. They get rid of items that they could not sell or that they only have a few models remaining in the store. Liquidation sales can save you a ton of money, and with any luck, the stores you contact do indeed have liquidation sales and oak flat file storage cabinets are some of the offerings.

The best quality oak flat file storage cabinets will come in a variety of colors. This means that the manufacturer has stained the oak wood into darker or lighter shades. The normal colors are natural, medium or dark. The best quality cabinets also contain multiple layers of clear lacquer so that the finish will endure for years.

One of the nice features of a flat file storage cabinet is that it is stackable. When you need more storage room, simply purchase another cabinet of the same make and model and set it on top of your existing one.

Oak flat file storage cabinets are absolutely beautiful. You simply cannot go wrong with a high quality and expertly made cabinet of rich oak wood. Take your time when shopping for that perfect cabinet and remember that there are bargains to be had!