PlayStore, we all know its the shop for us(Android  Users) which provides most of all the items we need. Some are paid items whereas many of them are free of cost. In playstore we got almost everything we need for our phones including apps, games,books ,movies,music etc. Playstore is a place where we can get what we want for our phone. The users can download the app and use it. Those all apps ,games and other things are uploaded there by the developer.There are many things coming new in playstore many apps games are being uploaded daily. Similarly the app playstore itself is being more advanced day by day by introducing new features.

Like it use to have new features, this time also it introduced new feature which is the notification feature. According to the official this new feature will help users to notify them if the page loads. Before we used to click in retry button if if didn't loads but after having this feature the app itself notify after the page is loaded. For that we just need to click on notify and the app will notify you when everything done and page is opened or fully loaded. This feature is applied when you are offline and if you click on notify it will notify you when you are online.
  This feature is not still available in all phones. So I wonder to know if your phone has got this features. Check it out and let us know about it. Try it out and comment down if it works or not with your phone OS and its version. For that just turn off your network connection ( disable wifi or mobile data) and go to playstore and search something and after that you will see the feature either older one or the new one.