Nepal Doorsanchar Company Ltd. Which is the Nepal's most used telecommunication service is also known as Nepal Telecom. It is not the private telecommunication service provider,more than 90% of the share is hold by the government. The central of the office is located at Bhadrakali Plaza, Kathmandu. It has exchanges , other offices and branches in more than 180 places of the country in different locations.

    But today we aren't going to discuss about the introduction of Ntc but we are talking about the new offer provided by the NTC which is free calls and sms bonus for getting the international calls. This offer is already provided by Ncell but NTC is just providing this offer for first time.
      According to this offer if you get an international call of more than 50 minutes in a 15 days then you will be the member of bonus. After you get 50 minutes of call you will be provided of bonus of call or sms at the 15th or 16th or the english month. And the bonus is only used to connect with the ntc service providers only. You can call and send sms withing NTC network only. The amount of bonus you received will be valid for 7 days after you get the offer. This offer provides you 50 minutes of talk time and 25 sms.
   The bonus amount is provided in the 15 day of receiving an international call. This offer is for all the NTC users either GSM or CDMA. 
There is top competition between NTC and Ncell for providing different services to the customers. They are doing this for just to increase their revenue but its good things for the users that they are able to get offers. There may be fight between the providers but there is always profit for the users. So every time you get offers just hurry up and grab it. This kinds of offers comes less in NTC network, as we know its owned by government and government is not providing us such offers time and again. Government look for their profit but not for customer satisfaction or for customers goodness.