If most of you are to choose between playing games on your Mobile or gaming on PC or Console what would be your answer? Anyways, I know many of you will narrow it down to gaming on your mobile phones.But if we are opportune to answer this same question a few years back, am very sure that our answers will be quite the opposite. Over the year, Gaming on mobile has drastically improved, with improvement on mobile graphics and processor. Gaming on mobile seems to be the best this days and thanks to the quick growth in technology. The format used in mobile gaming these days has attracted casual gamers, those that have  played on consoles like Nintendo or online  games on PCs.
According to Newzoo's research, it shows that revenues from casual online games declined by 7.5 percent last year. And the total number of smart phone users has already crossed 2 billion, and the number is expected to increase to 3billion by 2020. Now tell me can 2 billion people own a gaming console or pc? And I strongly believe that more than 50% of people we owns a smart phone must have one game or the other on  his/her mobile phone.

Why mobile game takes over pc and console gaming in term of Revenue

Now let us use our daily gaming routine. When actually gaming with our mobile, mobile tends to have internet connections which enables it user to make purchase online while gaming (in app purchase), which tends to rake in more money to the developers.

Why should you even think of gaming with console or pc only when at home, when you can actually do same and play the best online casino games on your mobile while you are in the office, school, bus or even anywhere, and thanks to the innovating technology that allows mobile gamers enjoy quality graphics like that of consoles on their mobile.
I don’t need to tell you guys that these days developers are actually porting many console games to smart phones and these same game when being ported would come with in-app purchase, series of third party advertisements and so on. Does it mean that console games does not have these same features? The answer is they have but only few and as you all know that in-app purchase works when there is internet connection, so the ratio to which purchasing could be done on pc or console is minimal.
To put it plainly, the mobile gaming space is as of now prospering and will keep on remaining the same as long as some development in technology is happening in the smart phone space.