Samsung, the biggest company for communication and technology. From the beginning it has updated different  technologies on phones and in other mny things. We may think samsung work only for mobile phone laptops or other electronic items but it has part in constructional work too. If you don't know let me tell you samsung company was the first contractor of the burj khalifa which is the world´s tallest building. Today we aren't talking about this all but we mainly focus on rumors that are all around about samsung Galaxy note 8.

 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was the lesson to Samsung company. Note 7 brings disaster to the company. The note 7 was cracking and burning due to over heat. After this all happened samsung launched samsung galaxy S8 ans S8 plus. They were the phones which is fine till now. Users are enjoying the phone S8 and S8 plus. And now finally Samsung is planning to launch Note 8 due to which many more rumors are taking birth.
Different rumors about different things are discussed here.
Firstly there is rumor about its design people don't know how it could be but probably it may look like similar to the galaxy S8. As seen on leaked photos we can say it looks similar to S8 but will be bigger than that. And it is suposed to have 360 videos. Its design is perfect.
And the price of the note 8 may be $900 and even more as series of note are quite expensive.
If we talk about software it supports Nougat 7.1.1 . It is also supposed to be water proof and it also have s pen with irish scanner and also the battery power is supposed to be 3500 mAh. The latest rumor said it has 64 and 128 GB storage and 256 GB can be used as external memory. The rumor says note 8 will be having 6.3 or 6.4 inch screen display. There is also news that it may have 4 or 6 GB ram and consists of two cameras at the back with finger print scanner. By this all we can say its a bit similar to S8 series.
And the main rumor is that it may be releasing very soon in august and that may be lauch in usa. And pre booking may be done from that day. And it is believed it will be doing big sells. And it is supposed to be far more better than note 7 .