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NTC Offers To Provide Free Call And Sms For Receiving An International Calls

Nepal Doorsanchar Company Ltd. Which is the Nepal's most used telecommunication service is also known as Nepal Telecom. It is not the private telecommunication service provider,more than 90% of the share is hold by the government. The central of the office is located at Bhadrakali Plaza, Kathmandu. It has exchanges , other offices and branches in more than 180 places of the country in different locations.
    But today we aren't going to discuss about the introduction of Ntc but we are talking about the new offer provided by the NTC which is free calls and sms bonus for getting the international calls. This offer is already provided by Ncell but NTC is just providing this offer for first time.       According to this offer if you get an international call of more than 50 minutes in a 15 days then you will be the member of bonus. After you get 50 minutes of call you will be provided of bonus of call or sms at the 15th or 16th or the english month. And the bonus is only used to co…

All The Collective Rumors About Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung, the biggest company for communication and technology. From the beginning it has updated different  technologies on phones and in other mny things. We may think samsung work only for mobile phone laptops or other electronic items but it has part in constructional work too. If you don't know let me tell you samsung company was the first contractor of the burj khalifa which is the world´s tallest building. Today we aren't talking about this all but we mainly focus on rumors that are all around about samsung Galaxy note 8.
 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was the lesson to Samsung company. Note 7 brings disaster to the company. The note 7 was cracking and burning due to over heat. After this all happened samsung launched samsung galaxy S8 ans S8 plus. They were the phones which is fine till now. Users are enjoying the phone S8 and S8 plus. And now finally Samsung is planning to launch Note 8 due to which many more rumors are taking birth.
Different rumors about different things are d…

Playstore Has Come Up With New Feature

PlayStore, we all know its the shop for us(Android  Users) which provides most of all the items we need. Some are paid items whereas many of them are free of cost. In playstore we got almost everything we need for our phones including apps, games,books ,movies,music etc. Playstore is a place where we can get what we want for our phone. The users can download the app and use it. Those all apps ,games and other things are uploaded there by the developer.There are many things coming new in playstore many apps games are being uploaded daily. Similarly the app playstore itself is being more advanced day by day by introducing new features.
Like it use to have new features, this time also it introduced new feature which is the notification feature. According to the official this new feature will help users to notify them if the page loads. Before we used to click in retry button if if didn't loads but after having this feature the app itself notify after the page is loaded. For that we ju…

Nokia 5 A Well Designed Phone Under Your Budget

HMD Global has finally introduced Nokia smart phone in India which includes Nokia 3, 5 and 6. These all smartphones were announced at a special event held in New Delhi. The phones are supposed to be selling soon. The nokia 3 and nokia 5 are selling through offline channel means shops or market where nokia 6 is selling through amazon. Here in this articles I'm going to discuss about the phone nokia 5 its price,its features, its operating system, storage , camera etc.
Like I have named above about the three smart phones, they seems to be brothers. The design of these phones are a bit different than one another. The phone has aluminum finishing with curves at its corners of the frames. While the edge of Nokia 6 found to be sharper. It has 2.4D curved glass which is measured to have 5.2 inches. You get fingerprint scanner on home button and a vertical camera on its back top. All around the design it great and it looks really great.

The phone has got 3000 mAh battery power whi…

Try Out The 4G Service Of Ncell Which is Recently Launched

Ncell, One of the ruling telecommunication of Nepal has recently launch the 4G/LTE service which is about to expand all over the country. For the fastest internet experience 4G helps you a lot. If your phone or sim card supports 4G serice then activate the service and enjoy 4G. Ncell has launched the service mainly for kathmandu valley but it is also believed to work in nagarkot, dhulikhel and banepa. And by the end of the 2017 or starting of 2018 they are supposed to spread this service all over the country.  Ncell, its on tough competition with ntc. Ncell always wanted to the customers favourate by providing these kinds of services. According to the company they are upgrading to the 4G just yo make the users comfortable and help them to have fastest connections. It is believed that will work perfectly without any inconveniences.

HOW To Activate 4G:
 As we have already discusses that for having 4G connection in your phone you need to have the latest simcard which is 4G or you may can al…

How to remove Monkey test virus from your infected android phone - 3 steps

WHAT IS MONKEY TEST VIRUS?Monkey test Virus is a critical virus for Android Smart phones which could be injected into your android device, without your knowledge any without bee detected by your own browser.
What Does this Monkey test Virus do to my Android device? Whenever you open an app and connect to internet, this app will automatically start running in the background and start to display ads in your device. It may also send your phone data to some external server. So, obviously it will slow your device and make your phone to hang. It also open play store in background and install junk app and download malware apks
How to remove Monkey test virus from my device, without flashing my phone ? (Step 1) Download USB driver for your deviceDownload rooting app for your android device model here .Install both program in your laptop.Open the rooting application.Connect your android device with laptop through USB port.Click Root.Once your Android phone is get rooted, Disconnect your phone from l…

Samsung plans to recover 157 tonnes of rare metals, including gold, from Galaxy Note 7s

Samsung Electronics announced today that it will recycle parts from Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, which gained notoriety last year after a battery defect caused several to burst into flame. The company said in a statement on its Korean site (via Google Translate) that it also expects to recover 157 tonnes of rare metals, including gold, from the devices. Sales of the Galaxy Note 7 were suspended last September, but Samsung confirmed in March that it plans to sell refurbished Galaxy Note 7s instead of throwing them away. In its new announcement, Samsung said it will recover components like OLED display modules, memory chips, and camera modules from Galaxy Note 7s and reuse them for repairs or recycle them. Rare metals, including cobalt, copper, and gold, will be recovered during the recycling process. Though Samsung faces a unique PR challenge because of the exploding phone fiasco, other smartphone companies have also announced initiatives to reduce their impact on the planet. For example, A…

This is the last week to apply for Startup Battlefield Africa

We gave you an extension, but if you’re part of a startup in sub-Saharan Africa, the time to act is now. You have just five more days to put together an application to TechCrunch’s inaugural Startup Battlefield Africa, so it’s time for you to drop everything else you were doing and apply today. We’re excited to be partnering with Facebook to bring our illustrious startup competition, the Startup Battlefield, to Nairobi, Kenya later this year. The Battlefield will feature several prominent startups from the region, each looking to be crowned the most promising startup in sub-Saharan Africa. As a reminder, startups can apply to one of three categories: social good, productivity and utility or gaming and entertainment. As long as your company fits into one of these categories and you meet the eligibility criteria at the bottom of this post, you are encouraged to apply before the new deadline mentioned above. The application page can be found here. Applications will be accepted now through F…

Mobile Gaming Takes Over PC And Console Gaming In Terms Of Revenue

If most of you are to choose between playing games on your Mobile or gaming on PC or Console what would be your answer? Anyways, I know many of you will narrow it down to gaming on your mobile phones.But if we are opportune to answer this same question a few years back, am very sure that our answers will be quite the opposite. Over the year, Gaming on mobile has drastically improved, with improvement on mobile graphics and processor. Gaming on mobile seems to be the best this days and thanks to the quick growth in technology. The format used in mobile gaming these days has attracted casual gamers, those that haveplayed on consoles like Nintendo or onlinegames on PCs. According to Newzoo's research, it shows that revenues from casual online games declined by 7.5 percent last year. And the total number of smart phone users has already crossed 2 billion, and the number is expected to increase to 3billion by 2020. Now tell me can 2 billion people own a gaming console or pc? And I stron…

Check Out the Special Nokia 3310 Costing Almost N1 Million (Photo)

This is a specially designed Nokia phone which is costing over a million naira due to the exotic gold crest and other designs on it.

The classic Nokia 3310

Caviar is a Russian company, and an expert at manufacturing special edition phones adorned with the portrait of Russian President.

They are the makers of the classic Nokia 3310, but this around it's having both president of USA, Donald Trump and president of Russia, Vladimir Putin together on the Nokia 3310.

The gold plated portraits of the presidents are at the back of the Nokia 3310 phone. There's also an emblem of the G20 summit below the portraits. The device is coated with hardened titanium with a pattern of Damascus steel.

This collector's 3310 ships in a special black velvet box. However, you have to spend a whopping $2,466 (roughly #776,790 naira) to get that box containing the Nokia 3310 which is even more expensive than iPhone 7.

Glo introduces free data to subscribers- how to get your own free data

Nigerian multinational telecommunications company, Globacom has introduced a new data offer, which guarantees its data subscribers a free access to the Internet for a whole day.

The telecommunications company said that the new offer, ‘Free Data Day’, had been programmed to give subscribers on the network that met the threshold of voice or data usage, 200 megabytes, usable throughout the day for all data-related activities.

“The offer is open to all Glo subscribers,” a statement from the telecoms company said.

The Globacom’s Zonal Business Coordinator, Lagos, Adebola Omoboya, said that the offer would allow subscribers on the Glo network to browse the Internet free of charge for a whole day.

According to him, subscribers who want to enjoy the Free Data Day are expected to spend a certain amount or more on calls in the preceding seven days to a free data day or spend at least N150 on voice calls.

“They are also expected to use a minimum of 100MB of data in the preceding seven days to the fre…

Etisalat Nigeria changes Name, Now called '9mobile'

Etisalat Nigeria is changing its brand name to 9Mobile, The Cable has learned.
A few weeks ago, Mubadala Group, the major investor from the United Arab Emirates, pulled out of Nigeria’s fourth largest mobile operator, due to a N541 billion debt.

On July 4, 2017, a new board was appointed at Etisalat Nigeria, to handle the smooth transition of the telecommunications company after a reallocation of shares.

Boye Olusanya, former deputy managing director of Celtel Nigeria (now Airtel Nigeria), was appointed as the chief executive officer of Etisalat Nigeria to oversee the transition.

Olusanya was appointed to oversee the transition of the company due to his experience in the smooth transition of Celtel to Airtel.

The transition of the telcom, with 21 million subscribers, was brokered with the aid of the Central Bank of NIGERIA (CBN) and National Communications Commission (NCC).