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Australian science-art researchers within the 1980s used limitless fractal arithmetic to measure the lifestyles-force governing seashell evo...

Revealed : A Cure to cancer

Australian science-art researchers within the 1980s used limitless fractal arithmetic to measure the lifestyles-force governing seashell evolution over a 50 million 12 months period. The pc application generated futuristic seashell simulations matching the mathematics recorded within the seashell fossil file. The arena's largest technological research institute ieee, in 1990 acclaimed this as an vital optics discovery of the twentieth century. Scientists ought to see that the laptop simulations matched the evolutionary fossil arithmetic. They were incapable of comprehending that the dwelling creatures inside the shell were the authors of fifty million years of mathematical evolution. The cause for that is due to the fact triumphing technology needs that life must pass closer to extinction, not infinity. Whilst sterile quantum mechanical mathematics is used to generate futuristic seashell lifestyles-shape simulations, they have become distorted.
Quantum mechanics can be now be considered to deliver a shape of scientific cancer statistics. Epidemiologists have diagnosed the life of what they talk to as a 3-D global epidemic transmitted through the mass manufacturing of dysfunctional conversation and information gadgets. The invention of the antidote to this epidemic in 2016 confirmed the life of a 3-D stereoscopic information device functioning in contradiction to the dysfunctional one. The optical transmission of the healthy facts regarded to belong to the working of a holographic universe, alluded to in historic greek science.
The mathematician georg cantor, considered to be one of the greatest mathematicians of all time, was despised by his peers and the church for his progressive theories giving humanity mathematical get right of entry to to infinity. Subsequently his theories have become obviously accurate. His summation of his invention of set theory expressed a concept this is essential to the functioning of a holographic universe: "a fixed is a many who permits itself to be notion of as a one" .
In quantum biology most cancers studies, healthy living information flows within the opposite route to the energies moving towards extinction. Their entanglement acts to evolve widespread focus according to the nobel laureate in medicine, the founding father of the american national cancer research foundation, szent-gyorgyi. He argued in his 1972 letter to technology, that prevailing technological know-how is by way of nature carcinogenic, stopping the invention of a treatment for most cancers.
For heaps of years human tribes advanced by way of waging perpetual conflict in opposition to every other in obedience to the law of survival of the fittest. Now that dna can demonstrate that humans belong to at least one species, the laws governing medical truth need to be adjusted for this reason. Any species that continually harms itself is tormented by a form of neurological cancer. Therefore, as a minimum  clinical worldviews exist, one describing fact for the evolution of human tribes and every other for the evolutionary survival of the human species.
Medical information exhibit that no matter excellent technological discoveries that mitigate cancer disorder, the global war towards most cancers is failing. The extra cash positioned into cancer research the greater cancer proliferates. During the evolution of mathematics on the dawn of civilisation in mesopotamia, we find  sciences. One led to our exploration of galaxies throughout the universe and the other resulted inside the hazard of our nuclear extinction. Plato warned inside 'the republic' approximately the capability of an incomplete technology causing unformed matter to emerge from the physical atom to wreck civilisation. Geog cantor defined approximately the measurable distinction of an incomplete science, in which all existence within the universe is doomed to extinction and a technology that permits the lifestyles force method to conform to infinity. As stated above, the nobel laureate most cancers researcher, szent-gyorgyi, taken into consideration that einstein's tribal arithmetic governed through a neolithic necessity to wage regular war, is innately carcinogenic. The greatest honour to einstein's undoubted genius may be to immortalise it beyond the restrictions of the regulation he knew ruled tribal science.
The sumerian culture measured time on this planet as a 7 day week of 24 hours per day, each hour comprising of 60 minutes. This dimension of time was associated with course belonging to a circle containing 360 stages. Both sumerian time and course arithmetic at the moment are used to discover the bodily fact of the universe. However, the sumerian intuition concerning the character of infinity was now not scientifically viable. Rather, the survival of the fittest paradigm needed to belong to an emotional preference to experience waging struggle, consequently the worship of their goddess of sex and warfare, innana. Severa clay tablets exist in which get right of entry to to infinity became the prerogative of numerous warring gods related to the creation of hybrid human beings. Hostility a few of the gods took place while immortality become granted to a keeper of the ark during the extremely good flood. Variations of this idea of mythological, non secular infinity have been followed through the following babylonian way of life, later spreading into important religions throughout the world.
Babylonian clinical monks evolved the sumerian astrological technological know-how with a purpose to are expecting eclipses appropriately. The sumerian goddess inanna have become ishtar the goddess of prostitution and conflict. A clay pill turned into observed wearing a message from a priest to the king of babylon regarding the lunar eclipse of 673 bc. It became approximately the gods worrying struggle to extend the limits of the kingdom. Babylonian worship of ishtar, was to incite a lust for conflict by means of a populace fearful of punishment through gods able to getting rid of the mild from the moon. Mathematical expertise of eclipses became used to terrorize the populace who then sought sexual solace to cope with that scenario. This deceitful use of unethical arithmetic is much like the mathematics programmed right into a poker system the use of sound and color vibrations to bring about states of economic and ethical bankruptcies. Plutocracies, authorities through the wealthy, salary regular conflict with each other the use of worldwide stock-marketplace stratagems inside the name of shielding the tribes they constitute from falling sufferers to overseas tribal ideologies.
An altogether unique concept of arithmetic related to sexual intuition came into life later within historical greek atomic technological know-how. It become about a technological know-how to manual ennobling government for the health of an infinite universe in order that civilisation could no longer turn out to be extinct. This ethical method, for the fantastic non secular protection of the customary environment concept, is some distance extra than any present environmental protection projects. In ancient greek logic, the 28 day moon cycle changed into thought to harmonise with a mom's fertility cycle. The moon's harmonic mathematical motion turned into related to sexuality by resonating with the atoms of the mom's spirit, explaining her intuitive love and compassion for children. This dwelling mathematical ethic, which belongs to an countless universe, is an absurd concept within einstein's science that demands the extinction of all life within the universe. The dwelling idea ought to by no means be applied till the 21st century when dna categorized that the tribes belonged to at least one unmarried species.
Epidemiologists who've placed the above referred to three-D worldwide epidemic of dysfunctional information now developing social havoc have shaped an alliance with epigeneticists in the study of neurological disease and cancer research. Epigenetics is about the take a look at of ways instances along with environmental pollution, weight-reduction plan, strain and the process by using which cells, tissue, and organs acquire specialized capabilities, specifically throughout embryonic development effecting the genetic system transmitted from discern to offspring. The dream of epigenetics is to improve bio-medical technological know-how for the advantage of the health and wellbeing of the worldwide human situation. For medical researchers that is a difficult challenge as there are numerous gaps in prevailing technology that need to be bridged earlier than such an objective can be found out.
Such a bridge became essential to the molecular biologist, c p snow. His 1959 rede lecture at cambridge university become of its production to solve the sector's problems. Entitled the 2 cultures and the scientific revolution the bridge is set a brand new information of the connection among technological know-how and art. This bridge requires a brand new comprehension of the regulation that einstein held is governing winning technological know-how - the second one regulation of thermodynamics. In 2008, the instances literary supplement posted snow's the two cultures and the scientific revolution as one of the 100 books that maximum prompted social attention due to the fact the second global struggle. I doubt very an awful lot that snow's bridge to remedy this second regulation of thermodynamics loss of life cult predicament is presently influencing worldwide society at all. The second one regulation's carcinogenic affiliation with our extinction has been too firmly entrenched within our scientific wondering.
In 1903 a free man's worship, written by using bertrand russell advocated that we had no different scientific choice however to obey the extinction dictates of the second regulation of thermodynamics. Russell turned into satisfied that "the universe is inexorably transferring to loss of life" , his sexual references to the worshiping of christianity's complicated development of the babylonian goddess, ishtar, had him eliminated from his professor of philosophy function on the college of the town of latest york in 1940. his concept to 'make love now not battle' in defiance of hitler's third reich psychopathic dogma, turned into to enchantment to many university college students at some stage in britain and the usa. In 1950 russell was awarded the nobel prize in literature for his, a records of western philosophy. Despite the fact that russell's e book turned into praised via albert einstein, it received a blended reception from educational reviewers.
Russell became conversant with the function of ishtar and the babylonian capacity to expect eclipses but changed into incapable of linking it to any international epidemic transmitted with the aid of dysfunctional babylonian information. Ralph waldo emerson at some point of the 19th century condemned the babylonian mathematical deceit as being the forerunner to american debt enslavement. His key to breaking free of this situation belonged to sanskrit mathematics' potential to link the residing manner to infinity. In 1957 the new york university library of science posted the book
Babylonian mythology and modern-day science in which it stated that einstein derived his theory of relativity from the mythological mathematical intuitions of historical babylon. To be truthful, in his later lifestyles, einstein tried in useless to finish quantum mechanics with a dwelling clinical good judgment, however his thoughts was overruled with the obsession about the inevitable destruction of all lifestyles inside the universe. Einstein turned into a realist. His technological know-how become not wrong, as tribes have no choice but to obey the prevailing survival of the fittest paradigm.
A more effective residing technology is now getting into recognition. Quantum biology cancer studies suggests that wholesome living data flows inside the contrary direction to the carcinogenic energies of our obsolete know-how of the second one law of thermodynamics' extinction energies. Szent-gyorgyi's argument that the entropic energies entangle with healthy records go with the flow to conform time-honored cognizance appears to be constant to the running of a holographic usual reality alluded to with the aid of the mathematician, cantor. The evidence that seashell evolution is programmed by using non-carcinogenic life-paperwork assumes the identical method applies to the human species.
Salvador dali, the surrealist artist, helped lay the principles for the bridge between science and artwork. His portray geopoliticus toddler depicts a child born into c p snow's third technology-art culture , beyond the constraints of the second one regulation of thermodynamics' dictatorship. Dali's in-intensity grievance of prevailing science became expressed in an eccentric emotional creative language belonging to freudian philosophy. His absolute genius, but, is evident while he posted that within artwork are invisible "stereoscopic messages", important for the betterment of the global human situation.
Over two thousand years in the past, the greek truth seeker of mathematical political technological know-how, plato, used the forces of magnets to provide an explanation for that art was developing unethical illusory pretensions inside the form of dysfunctional facts, lacking a religious, inventive information (socrates talking with ion). The founding father of the electromagnetic golden age of danish science, immauel kant, concluded that the non secular artistic information plato searched for become an asymmetrical electromagnetic discipline evolving within the innovative creative mind. The twentieth century philosopher, emmanuel levinas, agreed with kant about that statement.
In 2002 asymmetrical electromagnetic stereoscopic glasses have been patented. Via viewing artwork thru them, the evolutionary functioning of immanuel kant's asymmetrical electromagnetic area of creativity became obvious. As stated at the beginning of this newsletter, the discovery of the antidote in 2016, related to a therapy for cancer, is our only effective weapon to combat tribal technological know-how's evolutionary need to wage perpetual conflict. With the usage of stereoscopic electromagnetic glasses, salvador dali's prediction of invisible 3-D pictures evolving within the human thoughts applies to paintings being unconsciously produced by way of artists from all the tribes on the earth.
The transformation of our neolithic technology right into a human survival one, in accord to the functioning of a holographic universe is being prevented via most cancers studies held in servitude to the customary incorrect second law of thermodynamics. The extra cash invested on this inaccurate studies, the more the most cancers trouble will hold accelerating towards its terminal country of development. Science changed into incorrect to forbid seashells to adapt via transmitting living records to their seashell homes. But, the company gadget is developing artificial intelligence by using engineering holograms to provide the approach to increase its dysfunctional memory potential, especially for the layout of first strike weaponry. The state of affairs is ironic; clinical scientists appear to have no inkling that a biological version exists to demonstrate how the innovative thoughts can unconsciously use color to create extraordinarily complex stereoscopic holographic pix. These unconscious pics are frequently constant with the artist's linguistic description of the paintings, a principal issue relevant to historic greek neurological philosophy of science. This evidence supports the thoughts of newton's cutting-edge gottfried leibniz, whose paintings on holographic mathematical reality in the seventeenth century led to michael talbot's e book the holographic universe in 1991, which absolutely demanding situations western technology's concepts of fact.
In 2012 the linguistic/physicist, man deutscher's improve of nineteenth century linguistic color belief theory inside his e book of the year
Thru the language glass , which were brushed off from the exquisite darwinian debate, became fundamental to a brand new neurological science.
The troubles raised in this newsletter are so profound that examples of how the shape of cutting-edge science, specifically quantum mechanics, become founded upon false assumptions, warrants indeniable proof.
Within his published twenty eighth question discussions, isaac newton stated that historic greek technological know-how supplied the authoritative rationalization that the mass of bodies in space became now not the primary cause of gravitational force. He argued that philosophers of technological know-how who insisted otherwise had been "pretentious students" . In his unpublished
Heresy papers newton wrote that "the mechanical description of the universe had to be completed by using a more profound natural philosophy of technological know-how based totally upon the concepts of debris in motion" (the magazine nature, 1989, vol 342, 30 nov, web page 473, alchemy of depend and thoughts by way of emeritus professor of neuropsychology on the college of bristol, richard gregory). Newton derived his modern concept of gravity from historic greek science that has lain dormant until the twenty first century. Argument exists as to whether newton or leibniz first invented calculus. Each philosophers of technology drew upon ancient greek technology and it could be taken into consideration that newton's mathematics is likewise applicable to leibniz's paintings main to the 20 th century booklet, the holographic universe .
C p snow's bridge to resolve the thermodynamic scientific demise cult predicament had no hope of extensively influencing global social consciousness at all. Both russell and einstein developed their theories in affiliation with pre-socratic greek philosophical reasoning. Seemingly they have been blind to plato's political technological know-how caution approximately the "evil" of unformed matter within the physical atom rising to smash civilisation. Despite the fact that both have been concerned about stopping global atomic destruction, it had been evolved by means of the dead mechanistic quantum mechanical global view, which they both held to be authentic. Plato's commentary led to the big apple venture constructing the nuclear bomb, fortunately earlier than hitlers psychopathic 0.33 reich did so. These days the capability of atomic struggle is an awful lot more threatening in the shape of a tribal neurotic most cancers as can be visible with the north korean crisis. No applicable scientific studies exists to expand the platonic technology that kant, levinas, steinmetz and salvador dali have demonstrated may be obtained. This trouble is so deeply rooted inside our medical way of life that an attempt is warranted to demonstrate its schizophrenic neurological disposition as a way to allow future essential debate about critical human survival arithmetic.
francis macdonald cornford a laurence professor knowledgeable at trinity college, cambridge and a fellow of the british academy published a e-book in 1932 entitled before and after socrates . This e book has been always reprinted ever due to the fact that as a center curriculum have a look at prerequisite for aspirants for high public workplace in england and america. It demonstrates how the careworn neurological nature of russell and einstein's commitment to tribal mathematics become fused into western culture, which becomes carcinogenic while dna well-knownshows that human tribes belong to at least one species.
The e book mentions that the christian church had forgiven plato for being born a pagan earlier than the delivery of christ and later appointed him a founding father of the church.
In 415 advert a rioting christian mob, burning books belonging to the excellent library of alexandria, murdered the custodian of the library, the mathematician hypatia. St augustine, whose writings have become an imperative component of modern-day western christianity and philosophy declared that her mathematics turned into the work of the devil and that the greek evil of unformed matter inside the atom referred to girl sexuality. Augustine became privy to the mathematics related to the worship of ishtar, the bible's exceptional whore of babylon. But, hypatia had been analyzing the mathematics related to plato's moral atomic science. The harassed idea of mathematics being related to a father of the church advocating the paintings of the satan is innate inside the middle curriculum philosophical shape of western government's political ideology.
In conclusion, certified medical most cancers researchers now have the possibility to seriously take a look at the nature of most cancers inside the truth of a holographic universe. The artists related to the invention of the physics regulation governing the evolution of seashell boom and development through space-time are now represented by means of the world's largest art gallery, park west inside the u.S. Of america. These artists are organized to donate an entire stereoscopic 3-D artwork series of paintings to a venue to attract vacationers to go to and see for themselves, evidence that salvador dali's genius prediction of the death of the second one regulation of thermodynamics is now an necessary factor of the 21st century renaissance. All proceeds from that global-first exhibition demonstrating immanuel kant's asymmetrical electromagnetic evolving moral, innovative subject in the inventive thoughts, are to go directly into cancer studies.
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