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Apple will finally let developers respond to App Store reviews

Apple is finally going to give its developers a way to respond to customer reviews on its App Store and Mac App Store – a feature that’s long been available to Android developers on Google Play, much to the chagrin of the Apple developer community. According to developer documentation for the iOS 10.3 beta, when this version of Apple’s mobile operating ships, developers will also be able to ask for reviews in new ways, in addition to responding to those posted publicly on the App Store.
Apple’s ratings and reviews system has felt antiquated, and has been a source of frustration for developers and users alike. When a customer leaves a negative review, developers couldn’t respond to the criticism – which is sometimes unwarranted – in a way that other App Store customers could see. For example, a customer may be misunderstanding a feature, or may have complained about a bug that’s been fixed in a later release.

Being able to quickly clarify the situation in a public manner c…

Bots_alive kit imbues toy robots with charming, lifelike AI

There was no shortage of gadgets at CES, and there will be no shortage at Toy Fair next month, of robots and gadgets promising artificial intelligence — and generally falling short. But a more modest approach from an actual AI researcher has produced a clever and accessible way to create lifelike behavior through a simple and elegant modification of a popular existing robot.
The kit is called bots_alive, and it’s looking for a mere $15,000 on Kickstarter. I talked with creator Brad Knox about the tech at CES, and came away pleased with the simplicity of the design at a time when overbearing, talking, dancing robot toys seem to be the norm.
It works like this: you start with a Hexbug Spider, a remote control legged toy robot you can buy for $25. They’re normally operated with a tiny infrared controller. All you need to do to smarten one up is attach a marker to its head, stick the included IR blaster into the headphone port of your phone (see, this is what I was talking about)…

Google I/O 2017 will be back at the Shoreline Amphitheater from May 17 to 19

Google hasn’t quite made this official yet, but after its Firebase and Google Developers Twitter accounts posted a link to a few puzzles earlier today, the boffins over at Hacker News quickly figured out when and where Google’s 2017 I/O developer conference will take place. Just like last year, the Shoreline Amphitheater — and a bunch of big tents around it — will play host to I/O. Once again, it’ll also be a three-day event. The dates are May 17 to 19.
Last year’s event at the Shoreline Amphitheatre marked the first time Google held its biggest developer event outdoors and in its own backyard. There were definitely a few growing pains, but Google will hopefully have a new system in place this year to avoid the long lines for both seeing panels and getting food.
Like last year, though, this also means I/O will be mostly outdoors again, so I expect Google will once again distribute sunscreen and do brisk business with its warm, Android-branded sweaters at night.
Like every yea…

Zuckerberg says he’s not currently planning to run for president

Speculation that Facebook CEO Mark  Zuckerberg could run for president has been brewing in recent weeks. His personal goal for 2017 is speaking with people from all 50 states. He fought to stop government service from being considered a voluntary company resignation. And on top of all that, he’s been distancing himself from atheism. Though these signs scream politically ambitious, Zuckerberg told BuzzFeed News,”No,” when asked if he had any plans to run for president.
“I’m focused on building our community at Facebook and working on the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative,” he elaborated.
Semantics are important here. Zuckerberg didn’t explicitly say he would never run for president, only that he’s focused right now on his current responsibilities and doesn’t have plans to run. Moreover, the question was limited to the prospect of a presidential campaign. There are plenty of other offices and positions he could seek — A California governorship wouldn’t be out of the question, nor would a…

Top 5 Best CPUs (Processors) For Gaming In 2017

The processor is the most important component of the computer, which is responsible for everything going inside the system. Nowadays, there have been considerable modifications in the processors leading to their appreciable performance. For gaming PCs, the graphic card is one of the most critical components. Well for gaming, the moderate processor is just an excellent choice that one can choose to get an outstanding performance. In this highly competitive market, almost every type of a processor can handle any game. In order to gain the best experience, it is really important to pick the right processor.

Here, you can have a look at some of the best processors for gaming.Intel Core i5-6600K: It is the best Intel processor for gaming that can handle the most demanding PC games. In addition to gaming, it also supports the system to perform video editing, image manipulation and software development.Intel Core i3-6100: This processor is also well known for supporting different …

Huawei to pre-load Amazon’s Alexa AI on US version of its Mate 9 flagship

Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant is having a goodCES. Not only landing inside additional speaker hardware but finding entirely new incarnations in other connected household items — such as a lamp, a smart fridge and even a robot vacuum cleaner. Cars are on its roadmap too.
But it’s also now heading into third party smartphone hardware, with Chinese Android OEM Huawei announcing it will be pre-loading the AI assistant into the US version of its Mate 9 flagship smartphone.
Huawei launched its flagship Mate 9 phablet in Europe and Asia late last year without the Alexa pre-load so it’s evidently hoping to raise its profile in the US with the help of Amazon’s ecommerce empire. According to, the handset will be available in the US in “early 2017”.
The smartphone voice assistant landscape is very fiercely contested, with Apple’s now long-in-the-tooth Siri assistant battling it out with Google’s redoubled efforts, in the form of an upgraded Google Assistant, currently available on i…

Blue debuts wireless headphones with a built-in amp and noise canceling

I was a bit cautious when Blue debuted its first set of headphones. I’m not sure why, exactly, but it’s always hard to say how a company known for something specific will transition into a new – albeit related – category. Turns out there was really nothing to worry about.
Like the company’s various microphones, all of its headphone offerings have been pretty stellar so far. The Mo-Fi are super comfortable, look good and deliver excellent sound courtesy of a built-in amp. The Lola, meanwhile, did most of the same and at $100 less.
Naturally, the company’s getting into the wireless world along with just about everyone else. Blue’s using CES to show off the Satellite, which brings the aforementioned built-in amp along for the ride coupled with 44mm drivers in each ear- there are separate noise-canceling drivers in each cup as well.
The headphones’ footprint is slimmed down from the original model, and folds up for added portability – as one hopes from a pair of Bluetooth can…

Nvidia’s GeForce Now puts a gaming PC in the cloud

Nvidia today announced the launch of its GeForce Now platform for PCs during its CES keynote tonight.
As the company’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang noted during today’s keynote, the majority of PCs in use today aren’t able to play modern games simply because they can’t support modern graphics cards. GeForce Now for PCs will simply these potential gamers to access a cloud-based gaming service.
GeForce Now will be available in March for $25 dollars for 20 hours of play. “It’s basically a GeForce gaming PC on demand,” Huang said. The idea here is to give all of those who want to play PC games but simply don’t have the hardware to do so a way to easily play virtually any modern game on their computers — even if they are Macs.

That does sound awfully familiar for anybody who ever used the old OnLive platform. That platform, though, depended heavily on support from gaming companies. During today’s keynote, Huang showed the Steam store running on Nvidia’s GeForce Now platform, though, so th…

Nvidia builds a co-pilot into its autonomous drive computer

Nvidia teased out a powerful system that would serve as an AI supercomputer earlier this year, giving cars the ability to drive themselves. But while there’s been a ton of progress in building safer autonomous driving, we might not quite be at the point where we can fully trust the car to do everything.
Enter Co-Pilot. Nvidia is baking in new technology in its Xavier drive computers that builds an AI assistant to drivers when they are doing the driving. It pulls in data from sensors in and outside of the car, whether that’s through cameras or microphones, and builds a profile of what’s going on in and around the car. It’ll then flag its drivers — through voice, or potentially through other means — when they need to react to something.
“This car has incredible perception capability if only the AI was running all the time,” Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said. “We believe the AI is either driving you or looking out for you. When it’s not driving you, it is still completely engage…

Nvidia and Audi aim to bring a self-driving AI car to market by 2020

Nvidia announced several new partners for its efforts to bring autonomous cars to public roads in a production capacity today, but the biggest by far was Audi. Nvidia is working with the carmaker to bring its AI driving tech, which is available thanks to its latest in-car autonomous computing hardware and software, to market by 2020.
Nvidia’s partnership with Audi is not entirely new – the companies have been working together for 10 years, though obviously not on autonomous tech for all that time. The Nvidia team up is ambitious, however, in terms of its timeline, with the aim of getting Level 4 autonomy (full self-driving, with manual driving options) available by 2020.
Audi already has an autonomous test car here at CES this year – it’s a Q7 with AI on board that has been trained for only four days, but is already driving itself competently. Nvidia’s pitch with AI in the car is that its deep learning capability can enable this kind of fast ramp; other methods aren’t as …

GoPro says it is re-launching the Karma drone this year

GoPro recalled its first drone, the Karma, about 16 days after launch in November last year. Now GoPro says it will be re-launching the drone this year, though it doesn’t have a specific date to share yet.
For GoPro, the launch can’t come soon enough. The company said it would cut 15 percent of its workforce in a restructuring in November last year, and its third-quarter earnings report was nothing short of very bad. In the past year, the stock has been absolutely crushed, as major questions have arisen as to whether people basically need to buy new GoPro cameras.
The company said at CES that it is completing its testing and will have more details on the re-launch in early February. The company recalled the drone due to a small number of instances of power loss, which were related to security of the drone’s battery. The whole “this year” is super vague, but it’s kind of to be expected for a company that’s going through a lot of turmoil as it tries to figure out what it looks …

New Balance launches a smartwatch and Bluetooth headphones at CES

We’re still in the early days, but it seems a safe bet that this CES is going to be quiet on the smartwatch front, as companies reassess the flagging category. The RunIQ is a rare exception to the story, the fruits of a long ago announced partnership between Intel and running-shoe maker, New Balance.
The company has teamed up with a number of other big tech names for the wearable device — because that’s what you do when you’re a shoe maker launching your first smartwatch.

At first glance, the RunIQ looks to be standard fitness smartwatch fare, big names aside. You’ve got a heart-rate monitor, GPS and a battery that should give you a fairly middling 24 hours of life on a charge. There are also a few physical running watch buttons built in, for things like laps, making it a somewhat interesting marriage of smartwatch and running watch. The watch is also waterproof, naturally.
The Google partnership brings offline Google Music access, so users can go for a run without bringin…

Intel’s new Go brand covers car tech from self-driving to 5G wireless

Intel already has a dedicated functional group targeting the automotive industry, and now it also has sub-brand devoted to all things car tech. The Go brand covers products including in-vehicle automated driving development platforms, a 5G communication platform that’s intended to help carmakers get ready for broader rollout of 5G wireless tech in 2020, and an SDK aimed at helping developers in the automated driving field take advantage of new computing and sensor hardware.
Go, and its three product lines, are making their official debut at CES 2017 on Wednesday, and put some more definition on Intel’s plan to position itself in a key role as autonomous driving continues to gain traction. Intel also announced a test fleet deployment partnership with BMW and Mobileye Wednesday morning, and those test vehicles will indeed carry Intel Go platforms on board, according to the chipmaker.
The new 5G deployment platform is also very interesting, because it paves the way for connecti…

AWOOF Galore!!! MTN Is Giving Out Free 4GB Of Data

Something magnificent seems to be happening this year 2017, among all telcos, MTN is the first to be dishing out whooping 4GB of data to their loyal subscribers just like that.
I don’t know  if this is for everybody but definitely it is new year gift.
According to the sms they sent, “to celebrate the new year, you have been credited with 4GB Free Data Valid for 7 days to be enjoyed only on 4G enabled devices”
Dial *559*444# to check your free 4GB data.
Did you also receive yours?
How I wish other networks will do the same.

New Airtel Tariff Plan SmartPREMIER Migrate And Enjoy 150 Free Data On Every Recharge And Other Bonuses

Are You An Airtel User Or Searching For the best Tariff plan that offers Bonuses on every Recharge? Then this Article is for you, Airtel SmartPREMIER is a new plan that Allows it users to enjoy FLAT rate of 11kobo/second for calls ACROSS ALL local Networks after a 1st minute charge of 40k/sec.
Terms and Conditions:

SmartPREMIER is an opt-in offer and is opened to new and existing Airtel prepaid subscribers

1. Subscribers can migrate into smartPREMIER plan by dialing *318#

2. Migration into smartPREMIER is free (except if it is a subsequent migration within the month by the subscriber).

3. The 1st minute of the day charge of 40k/ applies to both local and international calls and this is mutually exclusive. For example, 1st minute of the day for local call is charged 40k/sec and subsequent local calls are charged at 11k/sec ; 1st minute of the day for international call is charged at 40k/sec and subsequent calls (local/international) are charged at 11k/sec.

4. 5 top in…

Glo Stops Blackberry Internet Services BIS

Am still asking... Why are you still using a Blackberry phone even when the creators of the devices are pretending as if they never made Blackberry phones. Everyone is against BB devices. They are now very outdated and old school.

 Now Glo has announced their own sad news specifically prepared for BB users.

Dear Customer, starting December 17, 2016 BlackBerry services on your device (BBOS7 devices) will no longer be available. You can still continue to use the device to Call and Text. We request you to migrate to a BB10, Android, Windows or IOS handset to use your remaining data.


• BlackBerry Complete weekly plan
• BlackBerry Complete monthly plan
• BlackBerry Absolute weekly plan
• BlackBerry Absolute monthly plan
• BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS)
• BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES)

So what is the way forward? The best step you should make is to migrate to Android device or iPhone… no matter how you love your Bold 5, Curve or…