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Guess something is actually wrong with MTN Server this week,have been browsing on PC like say nah free wifi.
Just follow me carefully :
DOWNLOAD ready made simple server for mtn HERE

Set up your modem with APN;

Open the downloaded simpleserver by extracting it on your pc,

Launch the Simpleserver.exe file wait till you see READY !!

Goto your Mozilla FireFox and set proxy settings to :


ANDROID User Procedures:

Step 1: First Download DroidVpn From Google play store or download it here.

Step 2: Then open the Droidvpn, move to Settings => click on Connections then select TCP.

Step 3: After selecting TCP in connections, the you can proceed to the below settings:

UDP: 53
TCP: 5222
Bind local: 1100

Step 3: Then move to header settings in droidvpn and input:


Then enable proxy, and tick Eable IP
Input Proxy as and Port as 8080.

NB: Don’t forget to move to your mobile network settings to make sure your APN is set to

How Can I Subscribe To MTN BIS Plan?

I’ll suggest you try it with BBLITED. If you are satisfy with
the result, you can try it out on weekly or monthly basis.

Name of BlackBerry PlanDurationMaximum DataAccess CodePrice
MTN BB10 Maxi – Month30 days1.5GB*216*15#3000 Naira
MTN BB10 Maxi – Week7 days350MB*216*14#1100 Naira
MTN BB10 Maxi – Daily24 hours50MB*216*13#200 Naira
MTN BB10 Midi – Month30 days500MB*216*12#1500 Naira
MTN BB10 Midi – Week7 days125MB*216*11#550 Naira
MTN BB10 Midi – Daily24 hours15MB*216*10#100 Naira
MTN BB10 Lite – Month30 days260MB*216*9#1000 Naira
MTN BB10 Lite – Week7 days70MB*216*8#350 Naira
MTN BB10 Lite – Daily24 hours50MB*216*7#70 Naira
I can’t tell how long it will last but if you are smart enough, give it a trial and you will be smiling before MTN wakes up from their slumber.