Tired of loosing your money to shitty filehosters who promise heaps of gold and give you peanuts in return and still run away?


You are new to the internet and want to start making some money or lot of money?


You just want to earn money despite your other ventures online?

This thread will tell you everything about Google Adsense and I will personally try helping you all out with checking whether your site can be accepted by Google Adsense. Read on to know more.

First - you need to learn What is Google Adsense really. Once you are done learning about Google Adsense you must think of some site which is acceptable by Google to be included in the Adsense Publisher program.

Ready to start?

1) Buy a domain of your choice which is related to the niche you choose (no illegal/spam/adult content allowed), preferably from Namecheap.com or Name.com. Make sure to update the WHOIS with correct data and to make it visible - Google checks this. Choose a niche which is attractive, has high CPC and Medium to Low competition and decent searches. Learn how to find the CPC of any keyword.

2) Buy hosting from some of the best WJunction hosts by visiting here - Buy Shared Hosting, shared hosting plan is sufficient if you are starting a new site with less traffic.

3) Once you have the hosting setup (Nameserver updation and DNS propogation) you must decide on what software you like to use to run your site. Wordpress/Blogger is the best bet if you are new to internet since they are the easiest ones. Of course, there is Joomla, Drupal, vBulletin, IPB etc to match your needs - not that Wordpress is not good, it can be customized to your needs.

4) Find a good looking theme for the site. Remember, bright themes are awesome for content heavy sites since you do not want to hurt your visitor's eyes when they are going through lots of content. Bright themes have a good feel about them too.
Make sure you have a good logo designed for your site. You can get one from our GFX Marketplace.

5) Edit the theme according to your needs and make it navigable by both Search Engine Spiders/Bots and human visitors. Both should be able to move around easily on your site - Use pagination and breadcrumbs to achieve this.

6) SEO your site - this is an on-going process but initial SEO matters a lot. You must SEO your site's regularly. Click here for some great tutorials on SEO, do not miss out the sticky threads.

7) Start adding attention seeking and original content to the site by means of posts - You do not have to think about earning money from your site yet. Make your posts very informative and use really simple and grammatically correct english - you do not want to scare your visitors off the site due to high level english or poor quality english. It is strongly recommended that you add atleast 25-50 posts before you even think of applying for Google Adsense.

8) Promote your posts on Social Media sites like Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, Digg etc. Make sure you get some traffic (50 UV/day minimum) before you even think of applying.

9) Add Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Contact Us pages on your site. You can look up Google for some examples. This is an important requirement of Google Adsense.

10) Go to Google Adsense website and complete the formalities to apply for Google Adsense. Make sure to use an email from the domain (example - contact@yourdomain.com) and not to use a free email service like gmail, outlook, yahoomail etc while registering for the program. Please note that Google has placed some restrictions on countries like India, China, Pakistan etc for when you can apply for adsense. Your domain must atleast be 6 months old to be eligible for adsense if you are applying in these countries. Search in google if your country is in this list. Complete the formalities and submit your application.

11) Now what? Google will review your site for compatibility with their TOS and semi-approve your website for Adsense. You will receive an email about this, you need to login to your Adsense Account and create some ads and place them on your site since Google will review your traffic and CTR now. If Google is satisfied with your site's performance then you will receive another email confirming the account. This takes a minimum of 3 days post you place the ads on your site for trial review.

12) Once fully approved you can start placing ads on your site (maximum of 3 per page) at strategic locations - Remember not to place them too close to your content and images. Also do not modify the ad code Google provides you with when you create ad. 336x280 Rectangle, 300x250 Rectangle, 728x90 LeaderBoard, 468x60 LeaderBoard and 160x600 Skyscraper ad sizes are your best bet since they all perform well. Choose the ad sizes carefully and place them even more carefully.

13) Wait for the traffic to increase due to your on going SEO, great quality posts and social media promotions. Once traffic increase you should see more and more clicks on the ads you've placed on your site. Check your Adsense account to know your income on a day to basis along with other reports.

Saw the money in your adsense account? Cool! You have now started to earn via Google Adsense

Want to check the eligibility of your site? Post here.

Feel free to post your questions about Adsense here, i will be glad to help you out with anyway i can.

PS - You need to wait until you reach 100$ of earnings before you can cash it out via methods allowed by Google in your country.