I stumbled upon a new Mobile Browser for our HTC Dash, its called UCWEB Super Browser. While it is still a Beta, it is very stable (has not crached or froze up yet and I've been using it for a few days), it is very fast, has TONS of options and well (I hate to say it) is a bit better then Opera Mobile. It works flawlessly with Google (like Googles new "my location" feature on mobile search, GMail and others where Opera does not work or only half works. Security is very good and its fast as heck in rendering (it renders pages on the device not a remote server) pages and gives you the option of preformating to your devices screen size.
For DownloadClick here
Main Features:
• FREEWARE - Its free cant get better then that
• Adaptation for small screen
• Data traffic statistics
• Visited history
• Domain name quickly input
• Supporting multi-formatted file
• Supporting web local-storage
• Multi-windows browsing
• Page dynamic optimization
• Picture optimizing display
• Shortcut Keys (user defined)
• RSS Feed Subscriptions
• Built in E-mail Client for POP3 and IMAP, full support for attachments
• Comprehensive search features (user definable)
• Download Manager - Resume broken download connections
• Personal Data Manager - Saves web sites to your device, export bookmarks

All in all I give it a solid 9 out of 10 (and its still in Beta)
Check it out here:UCWEB Super Browser for WM 5&6