Increase Apps Storage Partition In Mediatek Devices

* Is It Safe To Increase Apps Storage Partition
- Yes

* From Where Storage Increasing In Apps Storage
- This Process Will Merge Internal Sd Card Storage To Apps Storage Partition

* How i can revert it If i neeeded Internal Storage
- Flash ur Stock Rom

* This is permanent No need to do again and again

1. Hex editor (Download from the above link)

2. Stock Rom (only needed ebr1 and ebr2 files)

3. Sp Flash Tool (Download from above link)

4 Little Knowledge about flashing Rom through Sp
Notes :
1. After Doing This process your data will be formatted ,Make sure u backup Your Rom Or Data

2. Backup your Internal Sd before doing this

Procedure :
1. Install Hex Editor In your Pc

2. Extract your Stock Rom and Grab ebr1 and ebr2 file and copy to ur desktop

3. Open Both ebr1 and ebr2 Files In Hex editor

4. Now go to ebr1 File tab Scroll Down And There you will notice 4 blocks these are Partition Line (see ss which partition going to edit in nxt step)

5. Now See In screenshots the one Is highlighted In Red you Need to increase +1 (This +1 increase 500Mb in your apps storage and decrease 500Mb from Internal Storage)
Notes: use table which is given below to calculate it then do +1 and -1 (sum and addition like A=10 and 1=1 which will become after adding 11)

This is table you have to use to add +1 and -1
0 = 0
1 = 1
2 = 2
3 = 3
4 = 4
5 = 5
6 = 6
7 = 7
8 = 8
9 = 9
10 = A
11 = B
12 = C
13 = D
14 = E
15 = F

6. Now Go to Ebr2 file Tab scroll down and there you will get 2 partition line (see ss which partition needed to edit in next step)

7.Now See ss There u will need to edit 2 blocks first need to increase +1 and in second block decreases to -1 (see in ss)

8. Again use table which is in steps 5.

9. save it both files.

10. Now load scatter file of your stock rom in sp flash tool, After loaded all files untick all except ebr1 and ebr2 file ,Double click on the ebr1 file and browse and select new saved ebr1 file and do same as ebr2

11. Click on Download and connect your cell (Make sure u installed driver properly)

12. After green window shown, Disconnect your cell and go to cwm recovery or stock recovery
13. Click on format data/cache factory reset and also do cache wipe

14. Restore your Rom or Data

15. After reboot ur phone from cwm or stock recovery and If Internal SD storage showing format do format

16. enjoy with increased apps storage..

Here Is the Final SS (Note: Am using Color Rom By me with swaped sd card in c2+, phone storage showing sd card )

List Of Device Successfully Increased There Apps Storage

1. Micromax A117 (Magnus)...............By Johnny199314

2. Starmobile Diamond V7..................By chleoj

Credits: Xda_Developers


  1. Can I able to increase app storage of canvas fire 2(MT6882) through this method?


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