[GUIDE ] Disable lock pattern on Android devices

Setting screen lock pattern on our loved android devices is easy and helpful in protecting our personal stuffs from unauthorized persons but sometimes it becomes mind boggling if you forget pattern. In this guide am going to feature aroma file manager
in disabling lock pattern without doing factory reset .
This process works with rooted phones with cwm installed
*boot your phone into recovery mod, google procedure for your device.
*check for install zip from SD card and select the aroma zip from the root of your sd card
*flash the aroma zip
*move to aroma settings and mount the system , then exit
*Go back to recovery and flash aroma zip again .
*Navigate to data folder /system /gesture. Keys, delete it
*Exit aroma file manager, reboot your phone. Try any pattern to unlock your phone.
That's the simple way of disabling your lock pattern without loosing your phone data .


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