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SS Android Auto Closing Issue - How To Solve It On Android Devices

To stop simpleServer from closing unnecessarily on Android, we use an already existing method used to lock Apps to phone RAM. By locking Apps to an Android phone ram, the App is given a fair share of your phone ram, and not allowed to close on its own on less you close it yourself.
How To Lock Apps To Phone Memory / Ram
*.Download & Install Xposed Installer
*.Download & Install App Settings.apk (this works as a module for the xposed installer)==> Make sure your phone is rooted, if not Root it Here
==> Run Xposed installer, and click on Framework.
==> Install Update and Reboot your device as prompted.
==> Run Xposed Installer Again
==> Click on Modules and tick App settings. This should enable the App settings option.
==> Now on same Windows, click on App settings and a list of all your installed Apps will be displayed
==> Select the App you wish to lock to RAM. In this case, you will have to select Simple sever from the list.
==> An OFF & ON prompt should com…


I have seen many people asking Can IDM Download Torrent Files? Answer is YES, Of course.

In this tutorial I will explain how to download torrents with IDM with 3 times faster as compared to torrent download manager.

Now am gonna introduce to you ZbigZ more Options Later

ZbigZ dot com for Downloading torrent using IDM is another website that allows users to download IDM with Superfast speed.


1. Goto - Zbigz/ 2.Sign up for free account and verify your account { Not compulsory }
3. Add a torrent File URL{the magnet link of a torrent file} Or upload a .torrent file paste it and click Go
4. Now you can see an option to continue in free mode or in premium Mode (Free Mode recommended )
NOTE:- Premium mode is for someone who cares about extreme downloading speed and for large files. This features also enables Pause and Play while downloading. If you have files size below 1Gb mount oto download, free option is better.
5. After the catching of your torrent…

Etisalat PayGo is back an hot

Etisalat PayGo: This is another affordable bundle for surfing, streaming and downloading. This one is very fast, but it needs a smart user in order word you have to be smart.
Get an Easycliq SIM or dial 244*1# to migrate to Eaycliq.
Dial *229*5*7# to opt into PayGo…
You should receive a message welcoming you to Etisalat PayGo.
Recharge with #100 airtime and you’ll be given 5MB or better still, dial *330*1# to buy 1MB for just N5. Once you notice that your data is active, then connect and start surfing unlimited. And as soon as it stops browsing, disconnect it completely and connect again.

[PORT] Guides for fixing bugs in MTK BASE devices

If you encounter these bugs after porting one rom to your device then try to replace these files from stock to ported rom.

Fix Camera Not Connect / Force Close:
•system / lib /
• system / lib /
Fix Internal Memory:
• system / etc / vold.fstab
Fix Sound / Audio Volume:
• system / lib /
Fix Network / 3G Network:
• system / etc / agps_profiles_conf
• system / etc / APNs-conf
• system / etc / epo-conf
• system / etc / spn-conf
• system / etc / virtual-spn-conf-by-efspn
• system / etc / virtual-spn-conf-by-IMSI
Fix WIFI Toggle:
• system / etc / Wide-DHCPv6 (folder)
• system / etc / wifi (folder)
Fix FlashLight:
• system / lib /
Fix Video Pixel:
• system / lib /
Touchscreen Fix Reversed:
• system / lib /
Fix Brightness / Screen Brightness:
• system / lib / hw /
( use of port rom)
Fix the Problem Resolution / Screen Resolution:
Go To build.prop and edit ..
If you you're Porting from 480…

[GUIDE ] Disable lock pattern on Android devices

Setting screen lock pattern on our loved android devices is easy and helpful in protecting our personal stuffs from unauthorized persons but sometimes it becomes mind boggling if you forget pattern. In this guide am going to feature aroma file manager in disabling lock pattern without doing factory reset .
This process works with rooted phones with cwm installed
*boot your phone into recovery mod, google procedure for your device.
*check for install zip from SD card and select the aroma zip from the root of your sd card
*flash the aroma zip
*move to aroma settings and mount the system , then exit
*Go back to recovery and flash aroma zip again .
*Navigate to data folder /system /gesture. Keys, delete it
*Exit aroma file manager, reboot your phone. Try any pattern to unlock your phone.
That's the simple way of disabling your lock pattern without loosing your phone data .

[Tricks] Increase volume in MTK phones

When your android phone doesn't give you superb sound from loud speaker. This trick can help you increase your volume to your desired level.
*from phone dialer dial this codes *#*#3646633#*#*to take you to engineering mode.
*swipe to Hardware and setting> audio> loudspeaker mode
*Set your desired volume

check screenshot
>If the above steps doesn't work on your side then download mobile uncle This app works with rooted mtk devices so make sure your phone is rooted, grant access after installing the above app.Tap Engineering mode swipe to hardware and setting.
That's the simple trick to modify your droid volume, I hope it works on your side.

{GUIDE} How to root Infinix Marvel x502

nfinix marvels is another beast in android arena, it boast with 1gb ram ,5 inch touch screen and 4gb rom .In this guide am going to focus on rooting this beast with this simple app Framaroot . Go to phone settings>developer options> tick USB debugging, install tha above app, select first exploit you will get successful root message pop up.... good to go your phone is rooted.

[Guide] what to check before buying your next android phone.

Most of us are duped by phone specifications displayed on the box but the inbuilt features are totally different.

Features to check before buying your next and phone:>
*soc -chipset
*processor -dual core and above is best for gamers
*Battery capacity -1800mAh and above
*ram -512mb and above can give you some slightly good performance but prefer 1gb
++++++++and etc++++++

In this guide am featuring simple app CPU-Z.This app will give you exact features of your android device >from CPU to battery features.


[Tutorial] How to update Tecno M3 CWM to CarlivTouch Recovery

Custom recovery has brought so much advantages as compared to stock recovery to most android users .If you like tweaking then you probably knows what am talking about,you can flash new custom rom to your android device ,flash updates etc.
In this guide we are going to update CWM recovery for Tecno M3 to Carliv Touch Recovery(CTR) very easy to use ,more features added but based on cmw..

1.Mobile Uncle 2.Ctr recovery 3.Brain.

Just download the above items ,install mobileuncle apk,place the downloaded recovery on your root of sd card or internal storage.
Open mobileuncle apk check for recovery update,look for your recovery you placed on your sd card press ok........

You have flashed new recoveryrecovery!!

Increase Apps Storage Partition In Mediatek Devices

* Is It Safe To Increase Apps Storage Partition
- Yes

* From Where Storage Increasing In Apps Storage
- This Process Will Merge Internal Sd Card Storage To Apps Storage Partition

* How i can revert it If i neeeded Internal Storage
- Flash ur Stock Rom

* This is permanent No need to do again and again
1. Hex editor (Download from the above link)

2. Stock Rom (only needed ebr1 and ebr2 files)

3. Sp Flash Tool (Download from above link)

4 Little Knowledge about flashing Rom through Sp
Notes :
1. After Doing This process your data will be formatted ,Make sure u backup Your Rom Or Data

2. Backup your Internal Sd before doing this

Procedure :
1. Install Hex Editor In your Pc

2. Extract your Stock Rom and Grab ebr1 and ebr2 file and copy to ur desktop

3. Open Both ebr1 and ebr2 Files In Hex editor

4. Now go to ebr1 File tab Scroll Down And There you will notice 4 blocks these are Partition Line (see ss which partition going to edit in nxt step)

5. Now See In screenshots the…

Cynogenmod Custom Rom for Tecno M3 by TevinLugther

CM 11 ROM for Tecno M3.

Get my bugless rom based on cynogenmod wid
pure kitkat.


Fully optimized rom.
Based on android 4.4.3
Gapps added
Init.d support kernel.
Holo laucher added
Smooth UI
Fully deodexed rom
Bloatware removed for better RAM
Video call support
Dual sim support
Pre rooted with the latest super user app from
Samsung tones added
Flashing the Rom

1. Boot to cwm recovery.
2. Backup your current rom(optional)
3. Wipe data/factory reset.
4. Wipe cache.
5. Mount and storage format system.
6. Advanced wipe dalvic cache.
7. Install zip from sd card.
8. Select cm11 rom wait till it completes flashing.
9. Reboot device when complete.
10. First boot takes time be patient.
11. Enjoy the Rom...

Tecno M3 custom Rom XSuperS 4.2.2

Need your phone must be rooted and custom
recovery installed...[br/]
-Navigation bar
-Smoth and stylist Ui
-New font
-Seeit camera and gellary
-4.2.2 jellybean
-New stylist recent app history
-Gallaxy s5 icon
-Better audio quality
-Pre rooted
-Dual 3g support

Installation guide.

wipe data factory reset
Wipe cache partition
Format system
Format data
Advance wipe dalvic cache
Install zip from sd card

How to Port Android Roms

In this tutorial of rishabh.raj37 @ XDA, you will
learn the basics on how to port ROMs that are
developed from other devices to your own
Ill add soon:

Fix patches for MIUI ROMs
Some patches for ParanoidAndroid an
Fix for htc port bugs (network auto
select & Graphichal issues)


WinRar for extracting archives
Notepad++ for editing text-based files
(build.prob, updater-script) Note:
simple notepad will corrupt the files.


PORT ROM- The ROM that is developed
for other device and the ROM you
wanted to port to your device.
BASE ROM- The ROM that is developed
for your device.
To-be ported ROMs must be from a
device with the same resolution with
your device.
Same device manufacturer is preferred
(ex. LG P500 ROM to LG GT540). But
this is not always true, you may still
port ROMs from another manufacturer
to your device (ex. Samsung Gio ROM to
LG GT540)
Same CPU is preferred (ARMv6 ROMs to
ARMv6). But you can also use this
tutorial to port ARMv6 ROMs to ARMv7,